In April 2022, the Department of Labor and Industries released a directive that categorized travel lifts and boat hoists as cranes for the purpose of inspection and testing. Per the directive, travel lifts/boat hoists were required to have a load test completed once before April 6th, 2024, and once every four years following that. Load testers must have proper credentials recognized by L&I in order to certify lifts.
The directive proved challenging for boatyards due to the scarcity of approved testers. NMTA relentlessly advocated for a revised directive to protect lift owners from recorded violations or citations when sincere and documented efforts have been made to schedule a load test of their travel lift. The Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) has subsequently updated DD 22.30 Boat Hoist Inspections, Testing and Certification Requirements, effective July 1, 2024. 

The new directive stipulates that: “Recognizing the difficulty that some employers have encountered in obtaining third-party inspection and certification services, as well as the number of travel lifts in need of service at this time, the Department will allow the Compliance Officer to message the requirement instead of citing it.”