Board of Trustees

Executive Committee


Paul Sorensen

Chairman, 23 - 24

BST Associates

Our current Board Chair, Paul Sorensen, joined the Board in 2016. Paul founded BST Associates in  1986 and has been an NMTA member since 2009. BST Associates  provides economic and financial consulting for marinas, boatyards, marine terminals and associated waterfront development. Recent projects have included the City of Des Moines Marina Redevelopment plan, land use planning for the Port of Bellingham, valuation assessment for a private developer in Anacortes and an updated Strategic Plan for the Port of Astoria.

What do you most appreciate about NMTA?

NMTA provides excellent service to all aspects of the boating industry, which is critical to maintain and grow an industry that is a key economic sector in Washington State.

As Board Chair, what would you like NMTA members who aren’t as involved in NMTA as you and the other Board members are, know about NMTA’s work?

NMTA’s services are broader than many members realize. It is a one-stop shop that serves the entire boating industry — boat dealers/brokers, marinas, boatyards and accessory providers —with sales opportunities (boat shows), lobbying at all governmental levels, education (marina/boatyard conference), health trust, and much more.

What boat did you learn to boat on?

I learned to boat and water-ski at Redondo Beach behind a family friend’s Bayliner.

What’s your idea of a perfect day on the water?

Crabbing in Anacortes – rowing a 12-foot Sea Nymph into Similk Bay.

What are some fun things NMTA members might be surprised to learn about you?

I’m an economist with a sense of humor.


Mike Kirshenbaum

Vice Chair, 23 - 24

Global Marine Insurance

Mike has been an NMTA member for over 35 years. He joined the Board in 2017 and moved to the Executive Committee in 2021. He began his career in the water ski segment of the marine industry while attending the University of Washington and competing in water ski tournaments on the national level. Mike previously worked as the vice president of sales at HO Sports, a position he held for 8 years. He also sits on the board of directors and the executive and finance committees for USA Waterski and Wakesports Foundation.

Get to know Mike:

What do you most appreciate about NMTA?

The Seattle Boat Show is an obvious one. I also appreciate the Association’s commitment to growing boating and its support of non profit organizations to help make people aware of all the great things you can do on the water. 

What would you like NMTA members who aren’t as involved in NMTA as you and
the other Board members know about NMTA’s work?

NMTA does so much for its current and potential members and fights for the industry in so many ways. I have been involved in protecting the waters for water sports, which are getting attacked unfairly and blamed for shoreline
damage, invasive species and anything else they can pin on the sport. NMTA fights hard for the sport as well as fishing or anything else that is a threat
to recreational boating in the Northwest. There is no other state or region that fights as hard as the NMTA for its member businesses. Membership is an incredible value.

What boat did you learn to boat on?

Hydrodyne Tournament Boat with twin 100 HP Evinrude outboards

What was your first boat?

Ski Nautique

Where is your favorite place to go boating? 

I lived on Lake Tapps for many years and enjoyed the lake mostly in the fall and the spring when it was not overcrowded.  As a family we would pull the ski boat up to Alder Lake and spend the day. In the summer we would go at least once or twice a week.

What’s your idea of a perfect day on the water?

For me it’s just being on the water!

What are some fun things NMTA members might be surprised to learn about you?

I was a tournament water skier starting at the age of 13.  

Although I have not flown for more than 20 years, I have over 2,500 hours as a multi-engine private pilot and have owned 3 airplanes.  


Tony Bulpin

Secretary - Treasurer, 23 - 24


Tony has worked in recreational boating in the Northwest for 34 years! Tony represents Awlgrip, Interlux and Sea Hawk for AkzoNobel on the West Coast, including Alaska and Hawaii. Previously he was with SeaHawk Paints for 16 years, and a distributor for them for two years prior to that. AkzoNobel is one of the largest coatings companies in the world with a full portfolio of above and below the waterline coatings.

Tony has served on the Board continuously since 2012, currently sits on the Boat Show Committee and previously served on the Boatyard Committee.

What do you most appreciate about NMTA?

Prior to being on the Board, I always appreciated the fabulous job the team does producing the largest boat show on the West Coast. Now, after a decade on the Board, I realize there is SO much more that the NMTA does to help promote and sustain recreational boating and support all of us in the business.

From lobbying in Olympia to boat shows, Grow Boating grants, producing the Marina & Boatyard conference to supporting Superyacht Northwest and more, they touch and impact every aspect of recreational boating in the PNW. 

What’s your favorite Seattle Boat Show memory?

When I was young I would take the bus to the Seattle Center Coliseum and back to see the show. I was one of those kids that wasn’t buying, just dreaming of being a boat owner. And the rest as they say is history.

What’s your personal boating history?

I learned to boat on an 11′ Boston Whaler and the first boat I owned was a 22’ 1947 Chris Craft – Sportsman—she was gorgeous! I currently have a 13′ Boston Whaler for the kids, and a 23’ Bluewater, both on a mooring in south Puget Sound in Filucy Bay.


Where is your favorite place to go boating? Idea of a perfect day on the water?

I don’t have a favorite place but I believe we live in the best cruising waters in the world. Any day on the water is a perfect day but my favorite would have to be a trip that involves many nights on the boat, preferably in the summer months, anywhere in the world with a different marina or anchorage every day. For day trips you can’t beat South Puget Sound.


Alex Sutter

Past Chair, 23 - 24

Fisheries Supply Company

Alex Sutter joined the Board in July of 2016 and moved to the Executive Committee of the Board in 2019. Fisheries Supply is the largest distributor of marine products in the Pacific Northwest and is a family owned business. It is also one of the original NMTA members, joining in 1947 and exhibiting at every Boat Show since! 

Alex started working at Fisheries as a young kid and continued working there through high school. He returned for two years after college, left for a career in law, and returned to Fisheries in 2013, where he now serves as president.

What do you most appreciate about NMTA

How its shows and other programs help to create a community among the companies in our industry.

What would you like NMTA members who aren’t as involved in NMTA as you and the other Board members to  know about NMTA’s work? 

The NMTA provides a lot benefits for members besides the Seattle Boat Show. Just a couple of examples: it is continually lobbying all levels of government for the benefit of our members, and the health trust provides members with high quality health insurance at affordable rates.  


What’s your favorite Seattle Boat Show memory?

When as a young teenager my parents bought the 21’ Bayliner Capri with way too much engine that was on display directly across from our booth at Olympic Boat Centers. 


What boat did you learn to boat on?

13’ Boston Whaler and a Laser.


Where is your favorite place to go boating? 

Desolation Sound, especially on those rare warm and windy days.

What’s something  NMTA members might be surprised to learn about you?

I have never gone salmon fishing. Still waiting for my invitation from George. 😉

Board Members


Scott Anderson

22 - 25

CSR Marine

Scott started CSR Marine with his partner Tim Ryan in 1978.
He has served on the Board since 2010, and previously served as the chair of the NMTA Boatyard Committee.

CSR has two locations in Ballard and Des Moines. It is acknowledged as a regional authority on fiberglass repair and composite construction. It is also an authorized warranty repair and insurance repair facility and performs expert woodworking for both exteriors and interiors for the classic yacht lover.

What do you most appreciate about NMTA?

When you are a member of NMTA you have a great resource to keep up to date on what is happening in the marine business. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and well-connected, not just within the marine industry but also in the halls of government, educational institutions and more. They have an open door policy. You can pick up the phone anytime and call George or anyone else on staff and they will help with whatever you need or have questions about. And they put up with me. 😊

What boat did you learn to boat on?

An El Toro sailboat on Green Lake in 1964. My dad and I then built a plywood El Toro in the basement. It was stolen before I got it in the water. I used the insurance money to buy a plastic sailing dinghy.

Where is your favorite place to go boating?

Any place there is water. If you boat, the world is yours for the taking. You just have to take one step from the dock to the boat.

What’s something NMTA members might be surprised to learn
about you? 

I cheated on my swimming test so I could start my career in sailing. It was pretty dumb as you couldn’t go out on the dock without a life jacket on. You also had to take the swimming test fully-clothed with shoes on. Who wears a full set of clothes on a dinghy in the summertime. REALLY?!


In the first grade our teacher asked us to create something illustrating the letter ‘B.’ In a sign of things to come, I chose boats even though I’d never been on one.


Nick Graf

23 - 26

Aspen Power Catamarans

Nick is a sales executive at Aspen Power Catamarans. Aspen produces innovative, high speed displacement power catamarans with asymmetrical hulls, known for their efficiency and stability.

Nick has been at Aspen since its inception in 2008. In addition to managing Aspen’s new and used sales and training new owners, his other duties include project management for new boat builds and liaising with the customers.

What do you most appreciate about NMTA?

I feel the NMTA is a great resource for all businesses in recreational boating in the Pacific Northwest, and an important and consistent voice for businesses and boaters in Olympia. Plus they organize one of the best boat shows in the country!

Why did you decide to run for the Board? 

I’ve been a member and have participated in the Seattle Boat Show since 2002. I felt it was time to get involved on a deeper level to contribute my time to the Association and help with the mission of growing boating in the PNW.

What do you hope to contribute?

I’ve always been a creative thinker and problem solver, finding unique solutions for complex problems, and look forward to using those skills to tackle issues facing our industry. As the newest Board member, initially I’ll be listening and learning a lot. But I’d also love to work on workforce development, a critical area of need. As an industry, we need to invest more resources into our workforce and future boaters. I feel most young people are unaware that a career path in the  boating industry can be very lucrative and gratifying.

Where is your favorite place to go boating?

For me the adventure of discovering new secret places is a thrill and by far my favorite region to play on the water is the Pacific Northwest.

What’s your idea of a perfect day on the water?

Wake up, dive in off the swim step, drink coffee and eat, cruise to the next place, jump in and snorkel, dry off and dinghy to explore shoreline, head back out for an afternoon kiteboarding session, return in time for happy hour, fire up the BBQ, eat dinner in the cockpit, sack out under the stars. Repeat.

What are some fun things NMTA members might be surprised to learn about you? 


Essentially everything I do for fun requires or should require a helmet. I love winter sports; snowmobiling is at the top of the list. I hate fishing, but love catching. The harder the challenge, the more determined I get and the harder I push myself to overcome. 


Kelly Hawley

23 - 26

Tom-n-Jerry's & Master Marine

Tom-n-Jerry’s Boat Center, located in Mt. Vernon, WA, is the
northwest’s ‘Aluminum Giant,’ specializing exclusively in aluminum boats. It also has a full service marine facility, with a 14,000 square foot service center and a well-stocked parts and accessories department. Kelly purchased Tom-n-Jerry’s in 2008 and Master Marine in 2017.

Kelly joined the NMTA Board in 2021. Prior to that he served
on the Boat Show Committee and chaired it from 2019-2021. He also currently serves as a board member for the NMTA Health Trust.

What do you most appreciate about NMTA?

They really care about my business. Their success is
directly related to how well mine and other businesses in the association do. They not only keep tabs on what’s going on in Olympia but they help me promote and manage my stores.

What would you like to tell members who might not be as
involved or knowledgeable about NMTA’s work as as you are?

Without the involvement of NMTA there would be more policies coming out of Olympia that would directly have a negative effect on their business. NMTA fights hard so we can provide for our families and employees’ families.

Your boating history?

Our first boat when I was a kid in the 70s was a Thunderbird Tri Hull with a Mercury 110 hp on it. My dad bought it because he figured we couldn’t tip it over. We learned to water ski on Big Lake in Skagit County and had many fun memories. The first boat I ever owned was a 1977 21-foot Glasply. I caught a ton of fish in that boat.

Favorite place to go boating?

A small lake just outside of Endako, British Columbia. Nice trout, no noise and the loons will swim right by you. Usually I’m the only one there. I haven’t been there in awhile but it’s one of my fondest memories and makes for the perfect day.

Usually now I spend most my time fishing the San Juan’s and
the west side of Vancouver Island.

What’s something NMTA members might be surprised to learn about you?

In my early 20s I had a job hauling explosives to a molybdenum mine in British Columbia. I would haul them to the open pit mine and put them in drill holes that were 18 – 20 meters deep. The blast crew would cover them when I was done and then set the charge. It was pretty amazing to watch. 

I’m also an amateur bee keeper. I only have four hives but they produce about 14 gallons of honey a year. Pretty sweet!


Deke Jones

21 - 24

Salmon Bay Marine Center

Deke has been at Salmon Bay Marine Center (SBMC) as General Manager since 2016. SBMC is the site of the old Marco Shipyard. It was purchased in 2006 by Don and Sharry Stabbert whose vision (now fulfilled) was to create a clean, green, working shipyard that would accommodate large yachts up to 240 feet along with 90,000 square feet of waterfront, Class A office, shop, and flex space. It is home for several marine service providers, yacht brokers and other marine-related, water-dependent businesses. It is not a condo complex like so many people still think it is!


Deke has been on the Board since 2021 and is a member of Superyacht Northwest.


What’s something that NMTA does that you think many members don’t know about?

I don’t think our members realize how much NMTA does beyond the Seattle Boat Show. The advocacy work and RESULTS we get from staff efforts / Government Affairs Committee at the local, regional and state political levels are really quite impressive.


One of my first experiences with NMTA was attending a Marina and Boatyard Conference In 2006. It was then that I first realized what a significant role NMTA plays in supporting and growing recreational boating in Washington.

What’s your personal boating  history?

Hmmm. Let’s see. I started in a canoe at age 10. Spent a couple of summers at LaPush as a commercial salmon charter bait boy/deckhand, moved up to sea kayaks in college, then a whitewater kayak, then a whitewater raft and guide for 6 years… and finally a 1978 23’ Slickcraft (that was my first “real” boat).


Where is your favorite place to go boating?

By far Desolation and Barclay Sound bring back some of my greatest on-the-water memories. A  perfect day on the water is any time with family and friends.


What are some fun things NMTA members might be surprised to learn about you? 

I managed six marinas and a bunch of commercial properties on Lake Union for seven years. It’s during that time that I made many great friends and professional connections that I truly cherish to this day. I left that role and pursued other professional endeavors for six years and missed the maritime community a ton. I’m extremely happy to be back.


Clint Kirry

21 - 24

Hewes Marine Company

Clint has been at Hewes Marine Company, builder of Hewescraft boats, for more than 15 years and leads all of the company’s client-facing teams: sales/marketing, warranty, customer service and shipping.

Hewes Marine Company has been building aluminum fishing boats in Colville, WA for 75 years (since 1948). Hewescraft is the #1 selling boat in Alaska, and the #1-selling welded aluminum boat in the entire Pacific Northwest.

Clint has served on the Board since 2018.

What do you most appreciate about NMTA?

The NMTA is the best marine industry advocate organization in the areas where Hewes Marine Company and its dealer network do business.

What’s something that NMTA does that you think many members don’t know about?

I am certain that most members do not know the extent to which the NMTA engages state and national government agencies to make sure that fishing, boating, water ecology, marina/shipyard issues are handled intelligently.

Many times, regulatory agencies do not understand the detrimental effects of many of their policies (or proposed policies) on the boating industry and its influence on the economy and culture of places like the Pacific Northwest.

The NMTA keeps its members’ needs in front of the right people. This has been, and continues to be, crucial on topics such as the North of Falcon annual salmon fishing season negotiations, long-term health of fisheries, southern resident killer whale populations, commercial license buybacks, boat ownership/use fees and taxes, and much more.

Where is your favorite place to go boating?

Z Canyon and Boundary Dam Lake at the very north end of the Pend Oreille River (on the USA side of the US/Canada border), in northeast Washington. The area features multiple waterfalls, deep rock canyons, excellent fishing, and outstanding kayaking and boat-in-only camping areas.

What are some fun things NMTA members might be surprised to learn about you?


I have been married to the same wonderful woman for nearly 30 years and have four outstanding children. They have guided me through piles of exciting adventures in lots of their activities. As a result, I know lots about soccer (coached and refereed for many years), tennis, taekwondo, music  & theater, and track/field. I love to fish, but I don’t seem to be very good at it. Somebody help!


Jeff Messmer

23 - 26

Fluid Motion, LLC

Jeff has been at Fluid Motion —  builder of Ranger Tugs, Cutwater Boats and Solara Boats — since 2008 and is responsible for customer service, sales and marketing.

Fluid Motion is a family-owned business with seven manufacturing locations in the Pacific Northwest and a factory delivery center at the Des Moines Marina where customers from all over North America come to learn more about their new boats. They also host one of the largest rendezvous in the world at Roche Harbor Marina every September. This year they’ll have 200 boats (500 people) in attendance!

Jeff was appointed to the Board in 2022 to fill the unexpired term of Gregg Reynolds. He served on the Boat Show Committee 2006-2012 and chaired the committee July 2008- June 2010.

What do you most appreciate about NMTA? 

The Association puts on a really extraordinary Seattle Boat Show. We participate in boat shows around the country and our Seattle show is first class.

What might members not know about NMTA?

The scope of all of that they do beyond the Seattle Boat Show. It’s impressive and includes work in healthcare, government affairs, for boatyards and marinas and more.

What’s your favorite Seattle Boat Show memory?

Working many shows with my dad, Steve, in the Olympic Boat Center booth. I tried not to take that time for granted but now that he is not around, I really appreciate everything that I learned from him. My other favorite memory was the feeling when we walked into Lumen Field Event Center for the first boat show after having been shut down by Covid. I had goosebumps!

First boat(s)?

My first boat was a 1966 17’ Bayliner that we repowered with a 140 HP Mercruiser I/O. I reupholstered it, buffed the turquoise gelcoat and thought it was the coolest boat on the lake! I also had a 16’ Prindle catamaran. If it was blowing, we would take the Prindle. If it was calm then we would go water skiing on Lake Stevens. Pretty tough decisions for a teenager!

What’s your idea of a perfect day on the water? 

Anchored with a stern tie in Desolation Sound, rafted to good friends. The kids are in the tender catching dinner while I sip a cold one.

What are some fun things NMTA members might be surprised to learn about you?


We have a small family farm in Woodinville. We have a few chickens for their fresh eggs and five alpacas that make great lawnmowers!


Tori Parrott

22 - 25

Signature Yachts

Tori joined Signature Yachts in 2002 after two years spent sailing through the South Pacific. She thought she’d try her hand at yacht sales for ‘awhile’ and has never looked back. In January 2020, she became president and co-owner. It is the only woman-owned dealership in the Pacific Northwest and represents Beneteau sailboats and Fontaine Pajot catamarans, as well as brokerage power and sail.

Tori joined the NMTA Board and Boat Show committee in 2020 and is currently serving her second year as chair of the committee.

What would you like NMTA members to know about NMTA’s work? 

NMTA has a fabulous and talented staff but it’s also an organization run for the industry by the industry. Members from all different aspects of it —boat dealers and brokers, marinas, boatyards, manufacturers, retailers, accessories and services vendors — all  volunteer their time and expertise.

The board and committee members have a big say in NMTA’s direction and decisions. For example, the Boat Show committee was involved and instrumental in figuring out how to put on boat shows during Covid and the difficulties that went along with that. NMTA staff and its member volunteers are always looking at where and how they can help our entire industry move forward.

What’s your boating history?

Like so many people I learned on a Laser here in Seattle, then on my best friend’s family boat, a Choy Lee Offshore 41. I then honed my skills sailing from Seattle to the Caribbean on my family’s Hallberg Rassy 41. The first boat I owned was “Sea Fever,” a 1956 Ben Seaborne 51-foot mahogany sloop built on Lake Union that I bought with my dad and brother and later sailed to the South Pacific. It turned heads everywhere we went!

Where is your favorite place to go boating?

I’ve cruised so many places in the world but here in the Northwest and Canada and I love to cruise the more remote areas like the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

What are some fun things NMTA members might be surprised to learn about you? 


I grew up in a fishing village in Portugal, spent two years on a sailing trip to the South Pacific and New Zealand, have lived on a boat, live in Seattle, and don’t eat any seafood!


Craig Perry

22 - 25

Northwest Yachting Magazine

Craig got his start in our industry in 2005, working as a volunteer at the Seattle Boat Show in the will call booth. He took advantage of the show to pass out his resume to marine businesses, received multiple offers, ended up with Marina Management and the rest as they say is history!

He spent 15 years with Marina Management, managing Delin Docks, Dock Street Marina and Foss Landing, and just prior to leaving, Leschi and Lakewood Marinas.

In 2020 he joined  NW Yachting magazine — the largest boating publication in the Pacific Northwest— where he runs the distribution side of the magazine and is also a sales rep.

Craig served on the Board from 2012 – 2019 and as Board Chair from 2017-2019. He was re-elected to the Board in 2022.

What do you most appreciate about NMTA?

NMTA works very hard for its members and anyone recreating on Pacific NW waters. Its reach is felt around the country. As someone who was involved in marina management for more than 15 years, I really appreciated NMTA’s efforts with the legislature and other policy makers on environmental issues facing marinas and boatyards, and their work with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife on behalf of anglers.

What’s your personal boating history?

My parents had a restaurant at Skyline Marina in Anacortes. Since I grew up at the marina, the water was my playground and I was on it as much as possible. My family had a 27’ Fairliner and we spent countless days island hopping.

I got the sailing bug when I was eight. I bought my first El Toro from the Smith Brothers on Samish Island. We became friends and I was invited to travel with them, heading to regional and national regattas. When my friends were playing sports, I was out on the water racing. Because of those adventures I ended up sailing all over the country on Grand Prix boats, including races to Hawaii and Antigua among others.

Where is your favorite place to go boating?

As much as we like the San Juans, the family loves Desolation Sound. My two boys would rather go up north than go to Disneyland!

What are some fun things NMTA members might be surprised to learn about you? 


I donated a kidney to my younger sister 18 years ago in San Francisco. The kidney is still going strong. My other kidney gets flowers every anniversary.


TJ Quandt

23 - 24

Port of Kingston

TJ is the Senior Harbor Manager for the Port of Kingston. He has over two decades of experience working in the maritime industry and 14 years working for the Port of Port Townsend and the Port of Olympia. He began his Board term on July 1, 2023.

What do you most appreciate about NMTA?

NMTA has helped influence a host of policymakers, regulations and legislation that impact our boating industry. The Pacific Northwest is a more vibrant boating community thanks to NMTA and its advocacy and influence.

I also appreciate the networking and education opportunities including the annual Boatyard and Marina Conference. It has supplied me with invaluable industry information and updates that have helped guide me through many of the regulatory changes over the years.

What do you hope to contribute as a Board member?

My insight with my broad background from a lifetime of boating, commercial fishing, marine trade boat repair, and years of marina and boatyard management. I also hope to share my experience from both working for public Ports and overseeing marinas and boatyards to aid NMTA in understanding of the needs of marinas, boatyards, and related businesses to support the growth and success of the industry as well as identify potential industry threats.

What’s your personal boating history?

The first boat I drove was a 12 ft aluminum skiff with a 15 hp Yamaha kicker that we would tender into the beaches of Aleutian Islands off of our family 47’ Hoquiam fishing boat. I spent my summers in Alaska longlining for halibut and black cod and trolling for kings. 

My first boat was a 1970s 18’ Bayliner that I retrofitted with my dad. I still use it when my wife and I take our kids out crabbing and fishing.

Like many boat owners, my family has fallen into the “boat hoarder category.”  We have 3 single kayaks, 1 double kayak, 2 canoes, 2 aluminum lake skiffs, a Catalina 22’ sailboat, an 18’ Bayliner, and our family-owned 26’ Cutwater.

What is your idea of a perfect day on the water?

I love both sailing and powerboating, so my idea of a perfect day on the water is one of two options. 

A breezy afternoon, sailing a short course race with friends.

A calm morning, fishing and crabbing with my family anywhere in the Puget Sound. 

What are some fun things NMTA members might be surprised to learn about you?

I love games. I’ll get competitive and play just about any video game, board game, card game, sport, or competition you can come up with. Although I am a good sport about it and enjoy a friendly challenge.