Grow Boating

NMTA Grow Boating in the Media


NMTA’s Grow Boating Program serves the NMTA’s core purpose – to increase the number of boaters in the Northwest and to encourage year-round participation in recreational boating.

Since its inception in 2003, the NMTA has invested over $2 million in the promotion of boating in the Pacific Northwest. Funding for the NMTA’s Grow Boating program is generated through a surcharge on rented square footage at the annual Seattle Boat Show, held each January.

NMTA President George Harris meeting with a local TV station at the Seattle Boat Show.

The Grow Boating Committee plays a crucial role by awarding multiple grants and determining ways to further engage the boating public.

The NMTA Grow Boating Committee is responsible for managing and allocating the regional Grow Boating fund, making strategic decisions on programs, events, and promotions to encourage boating across the Northwest.

For inquiries or to become involved in NMTA’s Grow Boating initiative, please reach out to the NMTA office at 206-634-0911 or via email at Your participation can make a significant difference in promoting and supporting the boating community in the Pacific Northwest.

2024 Grow Boating Grant Application

The NMTA is pleased to be offering ten $1,000 grants to organizations that help get new boaters on the water, promote diversity and inclusion, and encourage current boaters to go boating more often. 2024 Grant Applications are due October 31, 2024. 

12/20/23: NMTA Announces 2023 Grant Recipients – Read HERE


The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) in conjunction with the Marine Retailers Association (MRAA), powers Discover Boating B2B and More information on the national Grow Boating Initiative can be found at Discover Boating / Industry Resource Center.