November new and brokerage vessel registration data was added to the University of Washington Sea Grant Boat Recreational Boat Sales Dashboard in mid-December. The Department of Licensing registration data shows 143 new vessel registrations by dealers in November compared to 202 in November 2022 for a 29.2% decrease. The value of these new boat registrations decreased 13.0% compared to November 2022 with $17.4M this year compared to $20M in 2022. It’s notable that new boat registrations in November 2019 (pre-Covid) tallied 151 units with a value of $15M. Brokerage registrations saw a 22.2% decrease compared to November 2022 with 140 registrations compared to 180 in 2022. The value of these brokerage registrations was $11.2M compared to $26.2M in 2022.