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Core Plus Maritime gets another A Plus From NMTA. They continue to do excellent work bringing hands-on marine learning to public high schools across the state. There are currently 26 high schools in Washington with 1,500 students enrolled in the Core Plus Maritime curriculum. These students are the future for helping solve the critical shortage of a qualified workforce that our industry is facing.

NMTA is working with Tory Gering from Core Plus with the very tangible goal of placing 25 Core Plus students in full-time or seasonal jobs or internships with NMTA members by June 30, 2024. 

We need your help in achieving this goal. School teachers, counselors, classrooms, and career fairs are where employers can inspire and inform Core Plus students. Would you be willing to visit a Core Plus Maritime high school this year and/or attend a Career Fair? If this interests your business, please take this brief survey (which was also sent to all NMTA members yesterday) or contact George at george@nmta.net.