mailto:LNIcranes@Lni.wa.govIn April 2022, the Department of Labor and Industries released a directive that categorized travelifts and boat hoists as cranes for the purpose of inspection and testing. Per the directive, travelifts/boat hoists must have a load test completed once before April 6th, 2024, and once every four years following that. Load testers must have proper credentials recognized by L&I in order to certify your lift. They have provided a list on their website of accredited maritime crane certifiers.

For more information contact L&I’s Crane Safety Program: Email: or Phone: 360-902-4943

NMTA owns a travelift and we intend to have it inspected to comply with the new directive before the end of the year. We will share any lessons learned with the goal of sharing best practices which may ease the burden and expense around this new testing requirement.