Molli is the owner of Event Producers, an event management company helping nonprofits and corporate clients host events of all types. She and her team have handled the Seattle Boat Show sponsorship sales and fulfillment since 2015. Their first task was to create a transparent customizable sponsorship program that enables sponsors of all sizes to stand out from the crowd. The sponsorship program is currently enjoying annual revenue growth and has high sponsor loyalty. The best part of the job according to Molli is working with sponsors on custom activations  — like the time we hosted a cooking demonstration with Ethan Stowell on a Lindell Yacht!
Molli grew up skiing and boating on Lake Coeur d’Alene, ID where her family has a summer cabin. Her grandfather used to race their Blanchard knockabout on the lake with other Blachard enthusiasts and passed on his love of sailing and boating. Molli lives on an organic vegetable farm in Sultan, WA with her husband and three dogs. They try to get out on the Sound every once in a while to go fishing and crabbing with friends. There’s nothing better in her estimation  than fresh Pacific Northwest seafood!