Devin is the Pacific Northwest regional sales manager for Nordhavn Yachts, located in Anacortes.

What would you like NMTA members to know about the Anacortes Boat and Yacht Show?
The show has continued to develop each year with growing attendance, more boats and added exhibits on display. The dates of the show are usually met with great Anacortes spring weather and perfectly timed for owners to view new accessories before the kick off to the Pacific Northwest cruising season. 

What do you most appreciate about working with NMTA?
The networking of people who share a common interest in boating. The energy infused in the NMTA shows is tangible, attendees with interests in many different boating styles come together to enjoy a great time. We are all passionate about boating and that passion shows at the Seattle Boat Show and the Anacortes Boat and Yacht Show.

What boat did you learn to boat on?
As a child, I enjoyed time spent cruising a 10’ Zodiac with my dad. As a teen, I worked as a deckhand on various sportfishing boats in Southern California. Later joining as engineer on board a 55-foot Viking, 70-foot Queenship and eventually obtaining my Captain’s License, acting as first mate aboard a 145-foot Westship.

What was your first boat? 
My first boat was a 14’ Laser. The fast sailing capabilities of this compact boat made it a blast to whip around in the Sea of Cortez.

Current boat?
A 2014 Ranger Tug 27’. It’s a great Pacific Northwest boat and a good fit for taking in the beauty of the San Juan Islands with my wife and daughter.

Favorite place to go boating?
I have been fortunate to cruise many breathtaking areas of the world. I’ve worked aboard while living in Baja California, spending years in the Sea of Cortez. I’ve transited  the Panama Canal nine times and cruised the Caribbean and South America. I spent a season in the Mediterranean and soaked in the views from the Balearic Islands to southern Italy. As a Nordhavn training and delivery Captain, one trip took me from the Galapagos to Auckland. 

Other deliveries crossed from Panama to Uruguay with stops in the San Blas Islands, Trinidad & Tobago and Brazil. Living in Anacortes, I reside at the gateway to the San Juan Islands, home to world renown boating. Ultimately, I am blessed to say I have cruised extensively, making it impossible to choose a favorite.