The upcoming Memorial Day weekend marks the annual installation of the five seaplane advisory buoys on Lake Union that will remain in place until Labor Day. When the yellow lights on the buoys flash, a seaplane is about to take off or land, and all lake users are asked to move 200 feet east or west of the buoy line.

For the third year in a row, our industry partners at RBAW (Recreational Boating Association of Washington) are leading a campaign —#MindTheZone — to raise awareness among lake users about the buoys.

RBAW is asking NMTA members to help spread the word to your customers about this important initiative. RBAW can provide posters, content for your newsletters, visual assets for social media and more, as well as come speak at a staff training.

Please contact campaign director Allison Stribling ( or Lisa Samuelson ( to learn more or to schedule a meeting.