The Anacortes Boat & Yacht Show featuring Trawlerfest wrapped up last Saturday and was smooth sailing for our 92 exhibitors, 251 boats and staff. The show sold tickets in 30 states for a total of 3,494 showgoers over 3-days compared to 3,537 showgoers in 2023. If you weren’t able to attend the show, check out the Boat Geek’s Sights & Sounds video and the photos below.

“ I was impressed by the number of people I talked to from all over the country. I talked with people from California, Georgia, Michigan and beyond who were attracted by the Trawlerfest seminars. That’s been a great partnership for the show. And a lot of those out-of-staters were also shopping for boats. In general, we were very happy with the show – there was a good amount of interest and a good amount of people.”

Andrew Custis
General Manager
Ranger Tugs

 “We had a great show, it exceeded our expectations. The most exciting sale we had was a brand new model that had never been on the West Coast and it sold within three days of splashing it here in Anacortes! Other brands of ours had strong sales too, and sales in general were better than we’ve experienced at this show in recent years. It was really nice to get that wave of orders headed into the season on top of what we sold at the February Seattle show.”

Tim Slattery
General Manager
Islands Marine Center