It has been a busy year so far for our advocacy team. Here are some of the issues we are currently working on.

  • House Bill 1919 – Cuts in half, from 90 to 45 days, the grace period moorage owners have before removing a vessel following final non-payment notice. Removes requirement that notice be printed in local newspaper.

  • House Bill 2236 – Establishes a temporary Statewide Career and Technical Education Task Force in OSPI charged with recommendation and reporting duties. This eight-member task force which will include a representative of CTE Core Plus Maritime selected by an organization representing maritime interests and will examine the successful administration and operation of CTE Core Plus programs through appropriate collaboration with industry sector leadership from program areas; and a CTE Core Plus model framework that can be used to guide the expansion, establishment, and operation of CTE Core Plus programs.

  • HB 1510 – Introduced as a new tax on boat show tickets and other Lumen field events, NMTA sought and successfully persuaded the sponsor to use existing budgeted funds to offset and mitigate governmental decisions adversely impacting the international district. 

  • HB 2293 – Establishes a nine-member Avian Predation Work Group to determine whether such species are adversely impacting the recovery of any threatened or endangered salmon species. 

  • SB 5931 – Expediting the safer products for Washington process regarding motorized vehicle tires containing 6PPD. Designates 6PPD as a priority chemical under Safer Products for Washington Requires the Department of Ecology (Ecology) to determine regulatory actions and adopt rules to implement those regulatory determinations. 

  • HB 1906 – Though this bill to allow non-resident owners of yachts between 200 and 300 feet to buy a cruise permit and stay all winter for retrofitting at our world-class shipyards passed both committee and the House floor with unanimous support, the bill was damaged by misguided amendments and failed to pass before the legislature adjourned. 


  • $206,000 for continued preplanning and site prep for RBAW/DNR Lakebay Park partnership

  • $250,000 to replace SeaScout Dock at Water Way #18

  • $3.7 million annually from the Watercraft Excise Tax to the Derelict Vessel Removal Account

  • $800,000 for commercial pump-outs at the Port of Bellingham for continued environmental improvement of Puget Sound

  • $200,000 for Sailors Union of the Pacific/Inland Boatman’s Union to work with Seattle Jobs Initiative and train low-income mariners through initial deck hand credentials.