December boat sales data from UW Sea Grant and the Department of Licensing has arrived and we now have a complete picture for 2023. New boat registrations in Washington for 2023 finished at 6,124 units compared to 6,400 in 2022 for a 4.3% decrease. The value of new boat registrations was $429.9M compared to $467.7M in 2022 for a 7.5% decrease. The average value of a new boat in 2023 decreased to $70,199 compared to $72,609 in 2022. Brokerage registrations for 2023 finished at 3,147 compared to 3,410 in 2022 for a 7.7% decrease. The value of these brokerage registrations was $219.4M in 2023 compared to $250.1M in 2022 for a 12.3% decrease. You can see more information on the UW Sea Grant vessel registration dashboard.